JavaScript Application Developer

Detroit, Michigan, United States · Services


We're looking for JavaScript Application Developers to write reliable, maintainable software for Detroit Labs projects. We need developers who are able to work together in teams to build, review, and learn from each other's code, estimate features, and fulfill on development commitments to successfully launch software projects. Successful candidates for this role prefer working in a team setting to develop projects collaboratively. This person should be excited to adapt to new technologies and discoveries and incorporate those into ongoing work. Ideal candidates will also be creative and flexible. Experience with agile methodologies and incorporating them in a client services team environment is very helpful.



The Detroit Labs Services business unit offers numerous and extensive non-salary benefits to our team members. This package is designed to appeal to motivated, energetic, and self-sufficient team members, and strike a healthy balance between a high-energy startup culture and an established and mature professional services practice. Non-Salary benefits of note provided to full-time team members include:

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